7th Grade Study Skills

Library Lessons


The library unit will focus on how to use the library. Students will be shown KMS' online catalog, Follett Destiny, and will find materials in the library using the Dewey Decimal System. Students will practice using the Pioneerland Library System and learn how to interlibrary loan books. Students will use the Electronic Library of Minnesota and KMS' collection of eBooks.


Bibliography Lessons


The bibliography unit will focus on how to correctly create a bibliography page when researching. Students will be shown how to find the information they need from the materials they use to enter into Citation Machine and create bibliographies.


Digital Citizenship Lessons


The Digital Citizenship unit will focus on the 9 elements of digital citizenship, which are: access, commerce, communication, etiquette, health and wellness, law, literacy, rights and responsibilities, and security.

Digital Storytelling Lessons


Students will create digital stories in this unit by using the 7 elements of digital storytelling, which are: point of view, dramatic question, emotional content, voice, soundtrack, economy, and pacing. Students may use the following when creating a digital story: film techniques, animation, stills, audio, soundtrack, script writing, acting, production, and stage development.

Link to Haiku Deck here


Google Classroom


Study Skills 7 class will use the Google suite and Google Classroom for turning in assignments.

Link to Google Classroom here